Monday, March 21

on the verge.

it felt good to hear wai's voice. when edward handed the phone over, i was no doubt overwhelmed by the nostalgic familarity of her voice. and i do not know what came over me, but when i was about to put down the phone, i actually told her that i loved her. well, i have never uttered those three words before and it felt somewhat liberating. ya la, i am only but a sentimental fool and i miss my fwens toooo much.

today will mark the arrival of bgs final presentation.
still alive but barely breathing.
stay tuned.

i realise that i will probably be the first one to move out for any reason because just two weeks ago, the happy family was talking about home detailing to accomodate another family i.e. grandkids i.e. their kids. ick.

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