Sunday, February 20


my parents are finally back! yeah, i did miss them. my mum even asked for a hug.. arh, *sweet ooo, my younger sister got me sooo much stuff.. white elephants for most like a pink plastic bag with a black poodle made out of velvety felt (like hell, i am ever gonna use it!) and get this WILL AND GRACE DVDSS.....yup, viva la americano-couch-potato-culture~

then we popped over to auntie jiaming's place for dinner aka foodfest 2005.. well, dinner was as usual good and humble by last year's standards, guess she finally realised that cooking a pot buddha leapjumped over the wall, choked full of abalone and shark's fin was a waste for kids, who only desired for more white noodle soup and bee hoon.. which believe me tastes a lot better than it sounds..

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