Thursday, February 24


given the absolute blandness of recent times, i am definately excited, euphoric, jumping-in-my-seat and oh-so-looking forward to ming's birthday dinner at baker's inn.

yes, wai and khoo: i hope you guys have not forgotten..

i would like to read people's emotive language.
*anger* *nonchalence* *joy* *jealousy*

this happened to me yesterday at haven which roughly confirmed my subtle dislike for one of my alma maters. a certain someone went up to the auntie who sells chicken rice and in a rich, heavy textured britsh accent said, :
" AUNNT-TEAH, do you have PRAWWNN MEHH?"
*wait, isn't the psuedo-ac accent hey-ho american and not queen's british? -should i actually applaud for for trying to be different?-
wtf. i did not know whether to laugh or cry in her face. i almost felt like giving her a crash course on how to behave PROPERLY and APPROPIATELY in front of DIFFERENT GROUPS of people... tsk.

well, actually, there has to be a deeper underlying reason as to why i am so affected over something as trifling as such.

i forgotten how to confide in people- in some of you, at least.
is this what it feels like to shut off from the rest of the world?
can anyone survive in their cocoon of a haven?

for pete's sake, do not start to look at me like i am someone who deserves to be pitied.

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