Thursday, January 27

lithe bytes.

i feel a lot better today. the sooner i get out of school, the lighter my heart feels. of course, it goes without saying that two hours spent in town also does wonders for the troubled.

you guys are right- i cannot live without my friends. during the holidays, it was probably a breather to be alone after circulating around people for a good 15 weeks.. yet that was a novelty which wore off as soon as i tasted the sweetness of cammeraderie.

such as today, although the subject biz law is more or less drier than dry, the first fifteen minutes upon arrving in class.. greetings in jubilation and the small jokes cracked throughout class always seem to make the three-hour-plus-long lesson a little more livable.

perhaps it is because i have so down lately, i start to appreciate the smaller things in life. i have a dinner appointment with a friend this sunday and i must say i am absolutely looking forward to it! afterall, we are having italian and soon join the throngs of people who have finally caught the aviator... cheerios.

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