Sunday, January 23

glum in the slums.

today marks the inexplicable end to my days in a relaxed and sanitized home- with the return of three members whom behave as if 'tidiness' is a taboo, if found in their dictionaries at all.

i am really not pleased. %^*&*.. tis such a odd factor since i have a home that i am adament to keep out of due to the mess created by others. i really do dislike feeling this way but i really cannot help but feel this particuar about cleanliness.

i can not wait to live alone. or maybe with just one other person.
two separate bathrooms please. =)

salsa spirit.

suddenly i feel like miss school spirit -you know like melissa joan hart in drive me crazy (that was like my favourtie movie back in erm sec2???) i am practically throwing myself into all sorts of activities such as the organising committe for the tsunami trip, dinner and dance committee for bondue and even for the irreplicably-insanely-boring investment club.

oh i even joined salsa intermediate and i must admit it is quite a challenge! but it is without a doubt great fun.. now if only my male partners looked like diego luna. sigh* ok -smacks back to reality.. but guys, if you have no cow-clue on how to pick up girls, start with dance lessons and just go with the flowww . well, just don't forget to keep gays off your backs first. haha.

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