Thursday, January 20


right now, i literally have raw lady's fingers due to a minor accident. like my past entries, i have not had the fortune of experiencing just about anything to blog about so readers do make do with the mediocore pesudo excitments in my life.

a moment ago, while waiting for my mum to pick me up from school, i noticed a young man, clad in officewear - hey even i got to admit he was not-bad compared to the dinglehoppers i'm getting in school.

when he got out of car, he gave me a glance. well, he did catch me looking at him, i guess. i turned anyway naturally however, my bionic super-360degrees-turn-socket eyes enabled him to watch him from the corner of my eye as he changed out of his shoes into slippers from his car. another glance. later, he pulled out a large bag and began to chat and walk off with a friend, very possible to the swimming complex, but not ebofre giving me another glance.

then i realised that while i tried to romanticize the moment, he probably thought of me as a university kid stoned out under the influence of too much caffeine and deadlines.

bum. bum.

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