Saturday, December 25

my christmas carol.

oh do not worry, the ghosts of my past have not returned to haunt me (or leave behind any 4D-numbers damnit!) but today (including christmas eve) has more or less revealed something unthought-of to me previously.

"no man is an island" and this was what a couple of buddies said to me when i expressed my need to indulge in lonesville. honestly, i cannot give you a definitive answer as to whether i am hoping to denounce the quote but the timely arrival of christmas did get me thinking.. yes in a charles dickens's christmas carol rum-a-dum-dum sort of way.

-that whilst i thrive in self-company. i should never take the affection and concern shown by others for me for granted. never. words of well-intentioned advice and jests should be carelessly treated or harshly crumpled and stomped on for that matter. sure, i might not like much of what i hear and read, but surely that does not give me any right to denounce someone's intelligence right?

sigh, may this christmas be a humbling one.

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