Friday, December 31

just call me dessert.

last night's 'all in a day's work' rendered my feet useless (hey u try walking in heels for much of the day) and my body overwhemlemed with fatigue. but it was a good day for biusiness- at first it was so quiet, i was beginning to begrudge the rain for keeping people in their homes and out of gelato cafes but suddenly close to 8.30pm, hordes.. make that hordes hordes HORDES of people arrived and the cafe was so jam-packed i did not even have enough time to clear the tables for the next round of people or communicate with those who were ordering due to the level of chatter. well, not to mention, i had my first eye-candy-customer.. who gave me a wink when i told him he might have to wait for his order- slimy b*****d who's girlfriend was holding the table for him. haha.

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