Wednesday, December 22

here with me.

'the charl has landed'
F-I-N-A--L-L-Y! yes even though she did wake me up from deep slumber, it felt great to hear her familiar four-month-absent voice yet again.. really~ but poor girl, had to cancel dinner today due to a candid bout of jet-lagged (or would that be sheer indigestion?) anyway get well soon lovelie, you owe me a lunch date.. oh, dinner too! and mambo.. and high tea.. not forgetting supper. *grin

nothing's new. i am still going to spend christmas eve in the name of formality with family friends but at least christmas itself is my cosuin's place i.e comfort at its zenith.

i am all about familarity, i could not possibly give up amara hotel's ban mian for a never-tasted-before rack of lamb from lawry's. old friends make better friends and the cousins you grew up with just seem to want to continue the journey with you. i still have yet to catch up eith most of them but really, when you are bonded in spirit, it only seems superficial to send a teddy-nightmarish-bear MMS whenever guilt settles in.

merry christmas- before i get all teary.

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