Monday, August 21

San Francisco // Exploratorium, Hog Island Oyster Co & Ghirardelli Square

After the weekend, we took a drive up and spent a couple of days in San Francisco. I've mixed feelings beyond the golden gates of San Francisco. On one hand, the pretty areas are interesting but really touristy; on the other, the crummy areas feel relatively unsettling. That said, we had great time visiting our favorite haunts and discovering new sites.

NEW: The Exploratorium was a fascinating place, thought it is admittedly more suited for kids in grade school. The place is huge, containing over 600 exhibits; exhibits cover a range of subject areas, including human perception, the life sciences, physical phenomena, local environment, and human behaviour. I didn't take too many pictures there but as you can tell, Lucas have difficulty leaving the interactive exhibits. We spent just close to two hours there as the kids (and adults) were getting cranky for lunch.

NEW: Lunch at Hog Island Oyster Co. It's hard to beat an al fresco meal, paired with beautiful sunny weather. Grilled oysters, lovely grilled corn salad, laudable clam chowder and an oyster po boy. Happy as a clam can be.


FAVORITE: Sigh, Ghiredelli Square, you still have such a way with my heart. This is the third year we've been back and this time round, Lucas joined us. The cookie sundae is still amaze balls. But what were you thinking, giving us a ginormous single scoop ice cream cone that gave Lady Liberty's torch a run for its money?!

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