Wednesday, October 5

Manuka Cafe, Paragon

Chances are when you head to level 5 at Paragon for a bite, your expected destination is one of the following: 1 Michelin Star Crystal Jade, why-no-star Imperial Treasure Peking Duck or no-star-but-my-favourite Sushi Tei. Although Café Manuka is located near the escalators, it looks more like a waiting space for Imperial Treasure Peking Duck diners or for parents while their kiddies hop onto their joyride. Despite the unassuming café space, this New Zealand-inspired cafe has homely baked treats worth spending your afternoon with.

Gluten free orange almond cake is a little dry and meal-ly, probably due to the absence of gluten and presence of almond meal. A dollop of cream or ice cream would have been perfect.

Carrot cake was a commendable slice, chockful of walnuts and a lovely aroma from the caramelization of brown sugar.

Their deluxe chocolate cake was quite divine. I requested for an additional scope of vanilla ice cream because I have been (sigh) trained to eat chocolate cake this way; be warned, the icy cheapish vanilla ice cream wasn’t exactly the best in town.

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