Monday, October 17

5th anniversary lunch at Spago by Wolfgang Puck

OMG, 5 years! Where did all that time go?

We had good memories of Spago from Epicurean Market last year but it wasn't the food the drew us there for our wedding anniversary meal. Instead, it was the allure of somewhere relaxing and far away from the crowds that made us cast the vote. That said, I thought our meal was really good - every dish was flavourful, perfectly executed and seasoned. On top of that (almost cracked a joke about being 57 floors up), service was personable and earnest, polished without the pomp.

As you can tell, the interior is elegant, beautiful and best of all, spacious. Sorry, it's my anniversary meal, I don't exactly desire to elbow-rub with someone other than my boo. 

With an inkling of portions to come, I wolfed down a couple of breads, not before slathering them with copious amounts of creamy butter - the butter glided effortlessly onto the warm and crusty breads and clung with adornment. Till death do us part, indeed. I got to say, after meeting KW (who looooves butter), I have eaten more butter in our time together than my entire life. That is also why, I like to refer KW to as 'my butter half.'

Big Eye Tuna Tartare Cones
Chili Aioli, Soy, Wasabi, Shaved Bonito, Scallions, Masago 

I'm really glad we had the tuna tartare cones as our amuse bouche. I loved these at Epicurean Market and was tempted to get a separate order for this. Chunks of seasoned raw tuna encase within lovely brittle sesame-studded lace cones, these were sublime. I am glad there was only 2, splitting the third would have tested our marriage.

Burrata with Caramelized Mission Figs 
 Prosciutto Di Parma, Marinated Artichokes, Arugula, Aged Balsamic, Candied Almonds

We went for the 4-course lunch menu (Pre Fixe Menu $95++ per person), and the starter was the only course we both had the same of. Sorry Roasted Baby Beet Salad, I'm sure you would have been nice, but it's hard to resist the allure of burrata. Though the portion as admittedly smaller than expected, every element was moreishly good.

Pasta with Veal Ragout 
House Made Ricotta, Porcini Mushrooms, Prosciutto Di Parma, Parsley, Parmigiano 

For the second course, I chose the pasta with veal ragout, which is totally uncharacteristic as I loathe tomato-based pasta. However, this dish turned me around. With its deep, rich and complex flavours, I could hear Lucas in my head going, "More... More... More!" In fact, I googled ragout recipes on the ride back home in a bid to capture these flavours. The portion was perfect this time round.

Sweet Corn Agnolotti
Caramelized Corn, Mascarpone, Parmesan

KW had the angolatti, which were sweet little bundles studded with pumpkin purée. If you are into sweet-savoury stuff, you would love this. These babies might not look like much, but they expaaaand in your gut.

Roasted Quail 
Maitake Mushrooms, Toasted Farro, Burnt Leeks, Fennel Puree, Natural Jus 

 My main course - roasted quail - was the epitome of autumn. Every ingredient played its role and shined, and that sauce... Lets just say if my skin were thicker, I would have ordered another round of bread. I can't find any fault, other than, Why quail, are thou so small? 

Grilled Iberico Pork Chop 
 Asparagus Purée, Caramelized Garlic, Rosemary, Natural Jus

I had a bout of food envy when I saw the portion of KW's pork chop. Thankfully, he was kind enough to share a couple of pieces with me. Again, a really good wholesome dish, and those flossy-looking things were the lightest deep-fried pork rinds I have ever had in my life. Fairy light, my friend.

Chocolate - Coffee Semifreddo
Banana Ice Cream, Coffee Cremeux, Praline Snow 

Our meal cumulated with this dessert of chocolate, coffee and banana. Normally, I would raise an eyebrow over this flavour combination but whoever concocted this dessert deserves a pay raise. This dessert is stick-to-your-gut intense, if you are looking for light and refreshing, order a glass of juice instead. Oh, and those caramelised banana balls were the best bananas I have ever tasted.

Well played, Spago

I am quite sure we will look back 5 years from now 
and reminisced how young we look!

Thank you for the memories, Spago! You were lovely. 


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