Wednesday, December 15

Hong Kong

still in hk.

there really is nothing much to report except that my diet is not going as planned. the roadside hawker stalls here are amazing! they have scarily huge takopachi balls- served five in a box, mind you and there is my current favourite- peanut butter waffle with butter and mayo! and jimmy's going crazy over his meatballs and fishballs on skewers bathed in curry hot oil. marvellous with a capital 'M'. it seems like every corner turned had a foodie-source of facsination waiting for us to behold.

char siew here is 50%-fat, 50%-meat but 100%-DELICIOUS.. did you know the wantons here are filled with solely prawns? OMG, the po luo bao here is to-die-for. i have no idea what goes into the sugary-buttery-milky (ok, maybe i do... ) pastry but it causes me to crave for more more more.. it is weird that in the midst of chubbing-up, i have had steam boat, portuguese, enough noodles to last the entire trip, a chicken supreme burger plus fried-on-the-spot-fries (for dinner today), i have not experienced a real dim-sum meal yet *ooo, the shock the horror!* but i gather from very reliable sources i.e. jimmy and fang, that the abomination is about to end.. tomorrow! haha..

p.s CHARLENE KHOO! bring me a hot hot abercrombie hunk for xmas please!
YANG! foon foon is still behaving as if he's the spawn of the horn-ed himself.

ok, miss you tons guys..(and i really do mean it)
will update soon!

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