Wednesday, October 15

(Dinner in) Street food from Hongdae, Seoul

Some people travel because they want to leave reality. For me, I enjoy creating reality when I travel. One of the things I love to do when I travel is to make believe I live in the city. Visiting restaurants and eating out is fun, but I love it when we buy food "home" and indulge in the comfort of our hotel or service apartment. 

After a crazily crowded afternoon in Hongdae and Ehwa, we packed some street food back for dinner. 

This was my first time trying gimbap and I absolutely love it. I find that I have such a strong aversion towards Korean food but when I try it, I fall hard in love with it. We would certainly not see the last of gimbap anytime soon. 

One of my favourite discoveries on my previous trip to Seoul was twigim (Korean tempura). This time round, I picked out shrimp, cuttlefish, crabstick and perilla leave, green pepper and an assorted vegetable fritter. Double deep-fried on the spot, it amazingly didn't loose its crunch when we had it back at the hotel. 

The twigim, of course, went spectacularly well with chunky tteokbokkis! 

I guess this must be an appropriate time to say, I miss Seoul. 

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