Monday, November 4

A night out at ... NAFA's 75th Anniversary Fundraising Gala Dinner

The fact that I am blogging about this shows you what a party animal I am. 

Yup, this selfie is painfully obvious I don't get out much, do I? 

A line-up of fantastic performances punctuated the evening's celebratory mood. You won't expect anything less from NAFA.

I especially loved the rousing performance of the orchestra.

42°C Sous Vide of Salmon, 
Salted Lemon, Apple Celery, Horseradish Snow 
Osia Chef de Cuisine Douglas Tay

What in the world... 

This was a really lovely sou vide salmon, subjected to the harsh glare of pinkish-purplish lights. 

It didn't occur to me to use flash because normally that is just inappropriate in an eatery. Thankfully, KW reminded me that the President (who was sitting less than 10 metres away) was the GOH slash VVIP for that evening and my camera flash could have easily passed off as a media photo opportunity. 

Farmer’s Style Chicken Soup
Double Boiled with “Chuan Bei’ and Vintage Orange Peel 
Chinese Head Chef Li Kwok Kwong

A simple double-boiled chicken soup never fails to warm me from within. 

Wok Fried Prawn, With Forest XO Sauce 
Chef de Cuisine Mike Tan  

Another pleasing dish: The prawns were meaty little punks tossed around in spicy savoury sauce.

Teriyaki‐style Spatchcock 
Chestnut Rice with Gomashio (Sesame & Salt) 
RWS Japanese Exec Sous Chef Norihito Saj

The only dish that failed to inspire any excitement from me was the poultry dish. We were sold on the kawaii chestnut rice ball that was reminiscent of our recent Tokyo trip. However, the use of teriyaki sauce was Japanese101-insipid and the piece of meat didn't taste any different from something you could easily pick up at the supermarket rotisserie.

Oven Baked Cod Fillet Confit Ratte Potatoes, Fennel Salad & Sea Urchin Emulsion 
Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora’s Chef de Cuisine Yew Eng Tong

This was hands-and-fins-down my favourite dish of the evening. I normally don't like sauces, let alone creamy sauces, with fish but this perfectly cooked piece of cod and its accompany emulsion was incredible.

Vanilla Mascarpone Iced parfait 
Tangy berries with passion fruit coulis 
Almond and coconut crumble 
RWS Exec Pastry Chef Kenny Kong

For dessert, half the plate (the chocolate sponge slice) was regrettably forgettable while the other half (the parfait and "crumble") made me wish my dress didn't come with an in-built corset. I question the use of "crumble" within the description as I am quite sure the cookie crumbles but a crumble isn't a cookie; nonetheless, all that butter made for a dainty little darling. 

My oldest friend, Zhu and I - 22 years and coining, yo!


This dress looks familiar, doesn't it? Yup, I wore it for my brother-in-law's wedding back in May. However, recently I took it back to Avana and got them to hack off the front for an asymmetrical hemline to make it less prom-my. Love it. I am so going to recycle this dress at least a couple more times. 


Picture taken by my sister

This has nothing to do with the gala dinner but it sums up everything I love about this weekend - food and family.

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