Tuesday, September 8

Dinner Omakase at Miraku, Pickering Street

The funny thing about phase 2 is we kinda miss the quietness of Circuit Breaker. Being such homebodies, we still don't go out as much and we have definitely done a terrible job of keeping in touch with our friends. Then again, it just reminds us of the people that really matter and those we keep in touch for the sake of. 

Two friends I am most keen to keep in touch with are WZ and P. Following a most delightful lunch at Miraku, we made plans to have dinner there with them. Our last meal together was another omakase - at Teppei - so we know they would be game for more sushi. 

We all went for the Sushi Omakase, which at $128/the ++ scores you a seasonal appetiser and Chef’s signature appetiser, 11 nigiri sushis, 1 sushi roll, uni ikura bowl, soup and dessert. To be honest, I can't remember exactly what we had but we had such a great time and the sushis were amazing! Miraku is surely one of those local small-time restaurants that I hope stays around for a long time.  

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