Friday, April 12

Omote, Thomson Plaza

Lunch at Omote with KW. His upsized chirashi, mine with grilled unagi slices. Incredibly satisfying lunch. But more memorably, this elite school student beside me took a good 20 minutes to deliberate over what to order - and even had to did an instagram poll for her friends to decide. I sure had a good laugh inside. 

Monday, April 1

A lunch gathering + March DOTM: Basil Walnut Pesto

How is it that it's April?! This is surely no April Fools joke. Like I mentioned in my last post, it's been quite crazy around here. I took a red eye flight back from Mumbai and we had a lunch gathering that very Saturday with our dear friends. Trust me, I took a loooong nap after this lunch.

Egg Salad and Iberico Jamon Crostini

Grilled Butter Chicken

I marinated the chicken with Dancing Chef Butter Chicken paste and plain yogurt, and KW grilled them up. Super easy and everyone loved it. It's not spicy too so perfect for kids. 

Basil Walnut Pesto Strozzapreti

I picked up a pack of strozzapreti a while back from Redman and the internet signalled to me that it was best served with pesto. I also had a tub of walnuts sitting in my fridge so creating a refreshing herb-y paste seemed like the way to go. Making pesto is quite a no-brainer and definitely worth 15 minutes of your life. 

Serves 8 adults

  • 2 cup toasted walnuts divided 
  • 2 tablespoon minced garlic (4 cloves) 
  • 1 cup fresh grated parmesan cheese 
  • 2 cup packed fresh basil, stems removed 
  • 1 cups packed fresh Italian flat leaf parsley 
  • 1 cup olive oil 1 of a lemon (optional) 
  • Salt and fresh cracked black pepper taste
  • 500g strozzapreti


  1. Cook pasta as per instructions 
  2. Combine 1/2 cup of toasted walnuts, minced garlic, 1/2 cup fresh Parmesan cheese, basil leaves, parsley, olive oil and juice from half a lemon in a food processor or blender. Season with ½ teaspoon salt and ¼ teaspoon black pepper. Pulse continuously until all ingredients are broken down and well combined, 1-2 minutes. Scrape the sides of the bowl at least once to ensure all ingredients are evenly mixed in. Taste and adjust salt and pepper as desired. Toss pesto with hot, cooked pasta to coat and heat through.  
  3. Prepare to carb-load!

Monday, March 25

Ahoy March

Whoa, in a blink of an eye, we are approaching the end of March! It has been quiet on the blog but really active real life-wise. I thought I would get a break from Chinese New Year, but nope... Let’s just say, I was happy to join Lucas for his weekend afternoon naps.

This is the first year we had to tackle “March School Holidays.” It was a bummer KW couldn’t take leave and I was pretty much swamped at work. Thankfully, my in-laws were always there to lend a helping hand (more like, hands).

Over the past week, Russell expended his energy at SuperPark, rock climbing and horse-riding. I don’t know about you but I find horse-riding or equedastrian really charming ... but yes, the stables do smell a little and it’s just blarrrdy hot in Singapore.

Just before the school holidays started, we had a gathering with some of Russell’s K2 classmates at Timbre @ Gillman Barracks. Oh wow, the kids has so much fun and it was just one big love fest. Reunited and it feels so good...

Clearly I couldn’t be bothered chasing the kids for photos but Lucas got in some face-painting action. He’s supposed to be cough, Thanos, cough. Close enough, buddy!

KW’s grandmother celebrated her 96th birthday. We had a small gathering at home and a moreish durian cake from Jane’s Station. I also discovered a liking for this peach and plum liquor from Don Don Donki.

We also checked out Admiralty Park and Marine Cove. Great places for kids to expend their energy. It's amazing how they are up and running without any caffeine, while I struggle to get through a morning with just one cup of coffee.

Random note: There’s a new Korean stall at Suntec Food Republic and I absolutely love their bibmimbap. Comfort food x

Life has been good. Tiring but eventful. I’m travelling for work next week and there's a DOTM coming up too. Hope your March was as eventful too!

Monday, February 18

Feb DOTM: "Truffles" for my Bae

For whatever reason, this year’s Chinese New Year was i-n-t-e-n-s-e. There were back-to-back gatherings over the last couple of weeks - and I had to graciously bow out of a couple. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the madness and chaos of it all but it was enough. I even fell ill last week and took super long maps during the weekend.

Crazy times. Loved it but don’t miss it.

In the midst of all the gatherings, my Cousin-in-law offered us some energy balls that she had made and they blew my mind. I didn’t get her recipe but I found one that seemed similar to what she describe. Plus Valentine’s Day was just around the corner so I made a few for the team.

They are such awesome healthy treats (always a win-win in my books) and they look like real chocolate truffles once you've rolled them in cocoa powder. I hope you enjoy them as much I do!

Adapted from Recipe Runner; Makes 16-20 balls

  • 8 pitted medjool dates, chopped and soaked in hot water for 15 minutes
  • 2-3 tablespoons water
  • 1/3 cup dried cherriess
  • 3/4 cup raw almonds
  • 1/4 cup raw cashews
  • 1/4 cup pistachios, shelled
  • 1/3 cup dark unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Add all the nuts cocoa powder, salt, and vanilla to a high speed blender or food processor. 
  2. Blend everything together until it is finally ground. 
  3. Blend the dates, cherries, and water into the nut mixture in several batches scraping down the sides of the blender after each batch. 
  4. Once the mixture comes together and resembles thick brownie batter, scoop a tablespoon of the mixture out and roll it into a ball with wet hands. 
  5. Roll the energy bites in dark cocoa powder. Highly recommended!
  6. Store the energy bites in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer.

Monday, February 11

CNY 2019 // Rest of it all

Wow, I have to say this year’s Chinese New Year was pretty intense. Following Monday’s reunion dinner, it was 2 full days of visiting, followed by dinners on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Phew, it was quite a ride. I can’t say I’m complaining though. I love hanging out with my extended family so these few days have provided an opportunity to catch up with people I’ve grown up with.

Another floral arrangement for my mum’s CNY party.

Russell played 21 “Ban Luck” with his uncles and aunties. Lady Luck was shinning on him as he scored 5 ban lucks within an hour. With sheer beginner’s luck, he covered his pocket money for a whole month.

Of course, CNY wouldn’t be complete without a trip to our family friend’s place. I sure ate enough Buddha Jump Over the Wall to last time till next year. Also, kudos to my mum who ordered Fatty Ox for our home party!

Friday, February 8

CNY 2019 // Fleur edition

The one thing I was looking forward to for Chinese New Year was creating floral centrepieces. Similar to last year, I made 3 different arrangements - for my mum, mother-in-law and myself. I made a rather last minute trip to Far East Flora and was surprised to see quite a few varieties left in the nursery. Phew!

This year, the theme kinda revolved around hydrangeas, orchids, chrysanthemums... and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the results. =)

#1 for my mum

Kept #2 for myself

#3 for my mother-in-law

Wednesday, February 6

CNY 2019 // Day #1

Hello hello, 新年快乐! Hope you are having a fantastic Chinese New Year. This festive occasion is one that I hold close to my heart. The feasting, small talk and chaos - I wholeheartedly embrace it all.

I apologise in advance that my pictures are mostly of the family. Our annual tradition of taking family photos is still going strong and this year, Russell has decidedly he’s too big to sit with us. #allgrownup It’s been quite a challenge getting the boys to focus but Russell’s candid facial expressions are priceless. I wonder how many more years it will be before we decide this lonesome ottoman is no longer big enough for all of us.

Well, hope you are having a good time with your loved ones or just taking a break from it all. x