Saturday, August 1

Birthday omakase at Miraku 味楽

Over the past few years, I have graviatated towards chirashis or omakases for my birthday meal with KW. With all that has been going, something light and fuss-free sounded even more appealing. I came across Miraku, a largely under-the-radar Japanese restaurant, and we promptly made a reservation. To our surprise, there were 2 seatings and we were on the waitlist for the 11:45am slot - looks like it's just us who's not heard of them.

KW and I opted for their 15-course Lunch ($68), which comprised of 3 appetisers, 9 nigiri sushi pieces, Wagyu sukiyaki, a soup and dessert. The appetizers, while seemingly plain, were tasty and prepped our guts for an onslaught of sushi.The sushis then came fast and furious - 'cause we were late - but it wasn't an issue since we are fast eaters. The sushis are admittedly on the small side, but delightful nonethless. All were seasoned well, either with soy, or light touches of kosho and flavoured salt.

Service was exemplery - we were massively late but they were very accomodating and thoughtful about our experience. That and the sushi is worth a return trip. Miraku is launching a new menu around mid August - something to look out for when we want to treat ourselves.

L: Enoki salad
R:Braised Wagyu

L: Iku
R:Sake (we ordered)

L: Tai (Seabream) 
R: Saba

L: Tai (Seabream) 
R: Aburi Kinmedai

L: Botan-ebi
R: Otoro

L: Ikura
R: Uni

Wagyu sukiyaki with onsen egg 

L: Red miso soup
R:Perila plum sorbet

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