Saturday, June 26

Staycation at Capella

Finally! We went on our long-awaited staycation at Capella Hotel recently. Though we still couldn't dine out, this wasn't an issue for our boys who are such homebodies. The hotel itself was almost impeccable and I guess the good thing about doing a staycation during this period meant, the hotel was less crowded than usual.

We spent an absurd of time at the pool - what else was there to do? Our kind friend E lent us his Nintendo Switch (a real treat for the boys who aren't usually allowed to play video games) - not sure I would have survive the cabin without some distraction for the boys.I loaded on much-needed Great British Bake-Off - the most therapeutic show everzzz.

Food-wise, there were lots of food delivery options. We tried Three Buns (very much prefer Shake Shack) and Sally's Vietnamese Food (MMM!), and of course, we did a round of room service for breakfast which always feels like such a treat!

Despite the restrained conditions, our boys loved their stay! I have to admit the pandemic fatigue is getting to me big time, but I do acknowledge how lucky we are to still be able to enjoy a staycation. Our next staycation is in December and I do hope conditions are much more relaxed by then. Stay safe, everyone!



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