Sunday, June 27

Snapshots of June 2021

Wow, we are almost done with half of 2021... Right now, I',m falling into a "Can't complain" state of mind. Our city state is opening up cautiously and we are returning to a shade of normalcy - albeit really slowly. But like I said, we can't complain... the only thing really nagging at us is what to order for lunches - a truly First World problem.

Really enjoyed Sweet Tooth on Netflix

Lucas is really into comic draing these days amd he's into his 4th "series"

It's tough keeping up with home-based learning for this fellow
We only made it to one Zoom session 😔

New twilly on a tote that I was supposed to bring along for staycation 

Couldn't resist making a couple of custom perfumes from Maison 21G, in the name of self-care.

We could finally (!) dine out and the boys made sure we paid a trip to their beloved Shake Shack

They did so well sitting by themselves - Russell is such a loving elder brother.

Though we could dine out, we ate so well at home! 
KW grilled up hamachi collars to go along some prawn & bacon “Tsukemen” ramen and a ridiculously crispy Haemul Pajeon. Psst, the secret is CJ Cupjeon and plenty of oil...
Russell’s into baking these days, so we baked some Levain Bakery chocolate chips cookie for desserts. OMG, all that choclate!

Ooo, the boys got their first pets everrrr! We decide crabs are perfect as they are super low-maintenance.

 Four crabs - Trevoe, Grace, Hero and Snippy - made their way to our home, though by the time this post is published, three died in comabt. Long live Snippy!

We celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday with a DIY handroll party, that was absolutely inspired by Rappu Bar. So much fun, even the boys enjoyed it!

Added ome gold flakes too 'cos we are sooo fancy!

What's a birthday celebration without some champagne?

For her actual birthday, I sent over a 3-tier high tea set from Fullerton Hotel.

Of course, we also celebrated Father's Day for the special men in our lives with a beautiful meal from Godmama!


I used to really dislike having the backpack or baby carrier in our photos, but looking back, I realised KW was - and still am - doing all the heavy lifting in our parenthood journey 💛 Happy Father’s Day, boo.

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