Friday, October 15

10th Anniversary Meal at Preludio

Been a while since we treated ourselves to a 2-hr lunch, but we took a bubbly trip down memory lane with a lovely anniversary meal at Preludio. Starting 4 October 2021, Preludio offers a curated menu titled "The Preludio Story" and this menu consists of their greatest hits throughout the last few years.

The leisurely-paced lunch was matched by gracious service and glasses of champagne. Some memorable dishes include their crazy amazing fermented mushroom rye bread with bacon & maple glaze (we had 2 loaves!) and the sweet savoury butternut squash agnolotti drizzled with 25 year old balsamic vinegar. Have to say, the chef isn't a fan of sweet endings as desserts were mostly tart. 

 Looking forward to another 10 years with my with first and forever! 

Rye Bread 
Fermented Mushroom, Bacon & Maple Glaze, Butter

Waves Lapping on the Shore
Sea Urchin, Chervil Root, Consomme

White Beetroot, Burrata, Walnut, Yoghurt, Saba Marsala Pearls

Fermented Mushroom, Bone Marrow, Thyme, Potato, Caviar

Nantucket Sound
Nantucket Scallop, Black Garlic, Salted Corn, Maiitake Mushroom

Dark Hour
Obsiblue Prawn, Razor Clams, Chorizo, Peas, Parsley

La Cortina
Butternut Squash & Amaretto Agnolotti, Parmesan, Almond, Il Borgo Traditional Balsamic Vinegar aged 25 years

Pata Negra
Iberico Pork Presa, White Carrot, Apple, Datterini Tomato, Black Basil

Crème Fraîche Sorbet
Bergamot, Basil

For Old Time’s Sake
Sake Kasu Ice Cream, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Buckwheat, Fermented Strawberry

Korean Muscat Grape
Olive oil, Salt

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