Saturday, July 31

And I turned another year older

To be honest, I was feeling 50 shdes of blah on the weekend leading up to my birthday. With Covid restrictions freshly pressed on my wounds, we scrambled to make last minute changes to birthday meals. I guess on hingsight, I should feel extremely lucky I got to even celebrate with my family and friends many times over. On the actual day, I felt really blessed by the incessant ringing of doorbell and presented with many gifts from friends and team. Thank you for all the love!

Me + scented candles

Thank you E & M for such beautiful eclairs!

Lovin' these flowers so so much!

Food gifts are ALWAYS welcomed!

Thanks for the reminder - not

 Before the restrictions, a few dear girlfriends came over tocelebrate early with me. 
We had DIY handrolls and clearly tons of desserts! 
Dinner at my parents' where KW made OKAN Wagyu steaks! 
And we indulged in pastries from Dolc Patisserie.

Lunch with my dear-laws 💛
Prawn and crab cakes, prawn mafaldine pasta, hamachi carpaccio.
Sweet treats from Tartzen Bakery! PS Their tarts are seriously underrated. 

My MIL is so sweet! She got these balloon and flowers 💝
 Well, turns out a lockdown birthday wasn’t so bad after all. There were definitely many opportunities for cakes and desserts - all of which only serve to remind me of how fortunate I am. Thank you to my beloved family, awesome friends and super team for making this birthday such a memorable one!

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