Friday, April 30

Snapshots of April 2021

 Ahh, how did April whiz by?

KW and I visited Windsor Nature Park on our day off.

Lovely place - wish we could have spent more time there.

Also caught my first movie in the cinema in years!
Minari was sweet - not on the level of Parasite but very heartwarming, 

Speaking of heartwarming, Haagen Daaz's Rum & Raisin is the one to beat.

Caught up with some friends at Marcy's. 
That pasta! Those calms!

Been dishing Providore's Club Sandwich - and I usually ask to remove the chicken breast. Ain't got no time for those dry pucks. 

I will make time for some Extra Virgin Pizza slices.

Fell back on some favourites toos xoxo

At home, KW grilled octopus for the first time and it was pretty darn good!
My mother-in-law made those absurdly good fried prawns.

Perfectly those crusty bottoms on potstickers and OMG kombu butter!

#2 made his own head gear for book day

Scored a cool bargin on these - aren't they cute?

Been loving the rainy - and sometime foggy - spell

Let's just say April was a good month for skincare and haircare

Reminscing about our trip to Fukuoka BIG TIME

Been into these simple stalks

Netflix recommendations

The concentration he has for Lego is amazing!

Discovered Como Adventure Grove - also discovered my kids HATE sand

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Anonymous said...

Oooh.. that kombu butter! May I know which recipe you used? Thanks!