Monday, February 11

CNY 2019 // Rest of it all

Wow, I have to say this year’s Chinese New Year was pretty intense. Following Monday’s reunion dinner, it was 2 full days of visiting, followed by dinners on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Phew, it was quite a ride. I can’t say I’m complaining though. I love hanging out with my extended family so these few days have provided an opportunity to catch up with people I’ve grown up with.

Another floral arrangement for my mum’s CNY party.

Russell played 21 “Ban Luck” with his uncles and aunties. Lady Luck was shinning on him as he scored 5 ban lucks within an hour. With sheer beginner’s luck, he covered his pocket money for a whole month.

Of course, CNY wouldn’t be complete without a trip to our family friend’s place. I sure ate enough Buddha Jump Over the Wall to last time till next year. Also, kudos to my mum who ordered Fatty Ox for our home party!

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