Thursday, January 5

Lucas // two years old

Lucas, you are two. What a wonderful time it has been.

Your Chinese name means "to bring about great change" - huge expectations to live up to. While it might seem lofty or even unrealistic to expect so much from you, I feel you have done exactly that with the time we have spent with you. You have changed us all with your gentle innocence. I will readily admit I am not the most maternal of people, yet with you, I feel an overwhelming surge to protect you, to care for you as if you are a precious gift.

With your elder brother, I didn't have to worry about milestones, but with you, .I feel as if I subconsciously ask you to slow down. Every milestone you hit is a reminder of an experience I might never have again. 

There is little doubt you put your brother on a pedastal and we hope you and your brother will be there for each other for life. Though you are alot more easy-going, compared to your elder brother, you have shown a side not to be trifled with, especially when your favourite books are in questionable custody.

You may be two but you will always be my baby. Mama, Papa and your gorgor love you very much.

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