Monday, January 2

Celebrating John & Kerri - Keep calm and Kerri On

It was lovely to end off 2016 celebrating my cousin Kerri and John's wedding. I consider myself lucky to come from a huuuugeee family and I grew up alongside my cousins so it is very heartwarming and exciting to see everyone grow up and get "married off." I think 2016 gets lots of sh*t for being a horrible year but I believe you can't go very wrong with your loved ones beside you.

With a fraction of my cousins (the girls)

Lucas getting in on the cupcake action 


Snuck in a carrot cake cupcake 

Love the pairing of orchids and baby's breath

My boys pre-dinner 

No chocolates but at least I didn't get salt & pepper shakers

Monkey shots with the first born 

And another 


Great to be back at Shangri La Hotel, 
where we held our wedding dinner 5 years back

Warning: You are going to see lots of pictures of us attending wedding over the next couple of weeks. Me happy. I love love love attending weddings! 

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Hi may I know where did u get the dress?