Monday, May 26

Caffe Falai, New York City

With just about an hour to spare, Paulina took me to Cafe Falai, a cafe illuminated by white tiles, chandeliers and clear glass displays. If the off-white decor (still stunning, in my opinion) served any purpose, it was probably done to draw your attention to the showcase the amazing pastries, cakes and bread.

I sat in the seat facing the glass displays, which was pure torture because I was mentally dissecting each pastry and psychologically tasting them. However, the last thing I wanted to do was kill my appetite for Prune so it was just a really good cup of Illy's coffee for me.

Paulina told me their baked eggs were really good and I had to take her word (and the murmurs of satisfaction of other diners) for it. What amused me were the mini ceramic bowls that they used that reminded me of the stark white bowls used for faux shark's fin soup at Chinese banquet dinners.

Apparently Caffe Falai's bombolonis are quite the bomb too. Bomboloni? Why isn't that the cutest loveliest Bambi-large-wondering-eyes confectionary word you've heard? A grenade-size, sugar-coated Italian doughnut hole, stuffed with either raspberry jelly or custard... I guess this would resonate with those who always thought doughnut holes were a waste of precious ("my preciousss" - couldn't resist, sorry) space and should ideally be filled with something... or anything!

Caffe Falai
265 Lafayette Street (near Prince Street)
Phone 917-338-6207


Anonymous said...

woo.. u blog on NY so long liao haven finish ar? hahahah. where's the local posts man, u come back from NY nv eat in singapore? : )

yixiaooo said...

still many many more...

and there's boston =)

Anonymous said...

Hihi YiXiao,
Nice meeting you at SMB2.

Have been reading your blog and loving the coverage you did on NY.

Anonymous said...



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