Sunday, January 31

Snapshots of Jan 2021

My baby turned 6! OMG, truly a little man.
We celebrated with his favourite food - a laksa bar and grilled chicken wings 😁

The weekend couldn't come soon enough for some weeks as work was intense!

But not all was lost - colleague S invited us over to his place for a homemade Vietnamese meal and I had the most incredible Vietnamese spring rolls.

Our friends and their little ones came over - we haven't seen then in over a year. KW made an awesome slow-roasted beef short rib and I made a cous cous salad plus Japanese curry lasagna

Painted these for the boys' room

Our first weekend at Jewel, with my fav. dessert Sticky Date Pudding

A lot of Netiflixing going on, including Bridgeton!

Welcome Mochi to the fam!  We love you so much xoxo 

We are so ready for Chinese New Year! My lovely cousin, Celia, hosted a small dinner with the most indulgent lo hei. No chants were spoken - we used the DJ Ah Beng app. 
Hope you all had a great start to the year!

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