Monday, January 21

Ryo Sushi, Tras Link

The idea of a date night for us includes 2 mini magnums in front of our computer. Romantic huh? Haha... Not that I mind, to be honest. The thought of going out after a long day of work is not particularly appealing to me. That said, every now and then, I do appreciate having a meal with just my other half, without having to worry about ordering something kid-friendly or makigg sure the food is all cut up bite-sized before tucking in.

Fortuitously, a lunch date presented itself in the name of National Service and all I wanted was Japanese. I haven't been keeping up with the scene of the name 'Ryo Sushi' popped up and I made the call for lunch reservation.  

I didn't realise how tiny this restaurant was. At full capacity, it seats only 9 people. 9?! A single digit. There are 2 seatings for lunch 11:45am and 1:15pm and 3 seatings for dinner. I guess I should consider it our lucky fortune to be able to score a lunch reservation the night before.

And off we went. 

Ahhh, I'm dying from hunger. Come to meee... 

At 1:15pm, I was more than brimming with excitement. I was effing famished. But I'm happy to report it was asolutely worth the wait. We opted for the $68 menu (asie from $38 and $98), which consisted of hijiki seaweed salad, edamame, truffled onsen egg, 12 pieces of assorted sushi, handroll, mini chirashi and soup. It sounds like a lot of food but by the end of the meal, we were comfortably full and on a post-sushi high.

Truffle Onsen Egg 

Squid (Ika)

Scallop (Hotate)

Snapper (Madai)

Tuna (Akami)

Saba (Mackeral)

Aburi salmon belly (Sake toro)

Red snapper (Kinmedai)

Shrimp (Ebi)

Semi-fatty tuna (Chutoro) with soy foam

Fattu tuna (Otoro)


Crab (Kani) handroll

Petit chirashi bowl, and a refreshing bowl of soup 

Looking forward to our next visit!

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