Monday, January 1

New Year Eve Weekend

Hello, hope everyone is having an awesome start to their year! We had ourselves a rather eventful New Year Eve weekend. I'm not quite ready to head back to work/reality/#life tomorrow, but I'm sure I will be fine once we get there.

On Saturday, we celebrated my cousin Andrea and Kenneth's wedding at The Summerhouse. As you might already know, I LOVE attending weddings - it's the combination of getting dressed up, attending a party where people are generally on good behaviour and the unbashed gushing of love.

It was a sweet and fun event, and if you saw my instagram, you would have seen a blast from my past - Jack and Rai who performed live. Super awesome to watch them live without having to fend off crowds and Russell was enthralled by the dymanic duo.


On New Year Eve, we went to our family friend's place and you can alway count on Auntie CM and Uncle PG to throw an amazing party. The food, entertainment and door gifts... it's always a treat to be invited over. 

As Lucas turns three in a few days, we brought a 5-eyed monster cake to celebrate with everyone. For whatever reason, Lucas and Russell were totally in love with the monster cake when they saw it on the internet and I was super glad it turned out so well too. Kudos to Kushu Cakes for the delicious treat!

May your 2018 be the best year just yet!

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